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Monday, November 17, 2008

Ruffle Leg

Ruffle Leg
- Side ruffle to give a 'rock & roll' style
- Soft and give a slimming effect :)
Price : RM 19.00

Material : Cotton

Colour :
Turquoise- Sold Shazlin
Turquoise- Available
Turquoise- Sold Nurul

Blue- Available
Green- Available
Black Sold - Pei
Black Sold - Yusnita
Black Sold - Izyan
Black- Sold - Andrea
Black- Sold - Jiawen 
Black- Sold - Dhamirah
Black- Available
Black- Sold - Rabiahtul

Size : Free size, Fit XS - L

Length : 64 cm / 25 inches 

Status : Available
* Accessories are not included *
* Restockable* Email us!


berry full of grace said...

i like tht union jack t-shirt of yours!!! any for sale??

Do Not Bleach said...

Hey babe,
The long tee is sold out :(
See anything else u like?

Shirley Smith said...

is the black still available? how soon can u send out?